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March 2005, Issue 89  [ RSS ]
March Dispatches: Notes from the Field
With the rebels in Banda Aceh, the movie stars at the Academy Awards, and The Gates in Central Park
Common Cents
Smack-dab in the middle of North Carolina lies the city of Durham...
by Mark Loundy
"First Seen"
That we live in the digital age is undeniable...
by Ron Steinman
Who Am I? Thoughts on the self-discovery process
Who are you? Are you really who you are?
by David Lyman
Home Invasion
Those who worship the Web often mistake anarchy for freedom...
by Ron Steinman
Patriot on Board
Do you remember those yellow diamonds that everyone had in their car windows that said: Baby on Board?
by Peter Howe
A Letter from Central America: Spoiled
I started out learning on an IBM mainframe the size of some small houses and we programmed it using punch cards.
by James Colburn
TV News in a Postmodern World: Convention versus the Internet
The only thing worse than a square peg in a round hole is a square peg trying to get into a round hole.
by Terry Heaton
This column will be about creative expression, whether it is alone at home, on the Internet, in the news, from TV archives, or in a public park that is transformed into a saffron wonderland.
by Beverly Spicer

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Letter from the Publisher
Welcome to the March 2005 issue of the Digital Journalist, the monthly online magazine for visual journalism.
by Dirck Halstead
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Field Test: Epson R-D1
David Alan Harvey takes the world's first digital rangefinder to Tuscany. Here, the veteran Magnum photographer tells American Photo and The Digital Journalist what it's like to shoot the old-fashioned way-and get digital pictures.
by David Alan Harvey
Wright in Racine
I have long had a fascination with Frank Lloyd Wright's work. His work in Racine.
by Mark Hertzberg
Some Things Look Better in B&W
It was early, very early. On those days I had to start long before sun up.
by Mark Neuling
The Best of Both Worlds
I live and work with my photographic feet planted in two different worlds.
by Sean Cayton
People are always asking me if I've ever photographed celebrities during my long career as a newspaper photographer.
by Dick Krauss

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