The Digital Journalist
March 2007, Issue 113
A Picture is Really Worth a Thousand Words
Look at this photograph by Nina Berman. Look carefully. Pause. Think. Realize you are seeing something unique, something rare.
by Ron Steinman
Dispatches: Notes from the Field
In March we have two Dispatches from war zones. The first is from a conflict in southern Thailand by Will Baxter and the second a new look at Iraq by David Honl.
by Marianne Fulton
E-Bits: And Things Not Yet Invented
This month E-Bits editor Beverly Spicer takes on the phrasing in photo contracts that covers every possibility and "things not yet invented." Suggesting the importance of adaptability, she includes three photo galleries that definitely show thinking outside the box.
by Beverly Spicer
A Letter from New Orleans: A Song for the Kitchen, a Song for the Heart
I heard him again, just moments ago.
by Jim Gabour
The Fear Factor
I'm sure that the members of the present administration under the leadership of one of the most incurious presidents in history don't know this...
by Peter Howe
The Libby Trial – Another Country
Not exactly a Stalin show trial.
by Ron Steinman
Tech Tips
You are invited to submit questions about photo equipment, imaging technology, or photo industry trends that may have a bearing on your work or interests.
by Chuck Westfall
Nuts & Bolts
Newspaper photographers tend to shoot in color and publish in black and white
by Bill Pierce
Common Cents: Warm and Cozy
Are you warm and cozy in a staff job taking bad-contract freelance jobs in your spare time for fun money? You may want to put on some financial long johns.
by Mark Loundy
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Letter from the Publisher
Welcome to the March 2007 issue of The Digital Journalist, the monthly online magazine for visual journalism.
by Dirck Halstead
Nikon D80
Is it a pro-level camera? Does it have the "stuff" to make the grade? Good questions!
by Chick Harrity
"Moments in Time" Book Tour 2007
Presentations by Dirck Halstead.
TV News in a Postmodern World: Right Brain Renaissance
What will history call the postmodern age, and what events will it judge as watershed on the road we now travel? The counterculture movement of the 60s? The fall of the Berlin Wall?
by Terry Heaton
Democracy in France
Some of you may know that I'll be spending the next three months working on a (very) low budget documentary about the French Presidential elections. I'm going to be publishing a journal of my travels and travails in France.
by James Colburn
Through a Lens Dimly: Stormy Weather
It wasn't cold last week. There was no snow and ice. At least not aboard the cruise ship on which I was conducting my lectures.
by Dick Kraus
I dreamed, a few nights ago, that I slid off the road while driving, crashing into a deep ditch. Much like the Fall, the accident itself happened too quickly for me to remember anything, but my body was in great pain
by Joyce Lin
LAST CALL! Announcing the Advanced Platypus Workshop
March 9-March 11, 2007, Brooks Institute of Photography, Ventura, CA
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