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November 2004, Issue 85  [ RSS ]
Ancient Marks
Tough Past, Tough Future:  South Africa After 10 Years of Democracy
November Dispatches: Notes from the Field
American as baseball, politics and Mom
Viewing "The Learning Tree" Helps Kansas Legend Remember His Roots
Fort Scott - Gordon Parks, the author, photographer, poet, musical composer and filmmaker, all rolled into one famous Kansan, came home last week to Fort Scott. He was born there on Nov. 30, 1912, 91 years ago.
by Bill Snead
Common Cents
Give a man a fish, and you feed him for one day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime...
by Mark Loundy
Where There's Life There's Coupons
Take the world's most famous media brand - Life magazine - and turn it into a weekend insert to be carried by newspapers across the nation.
by Peter Howe
The election is over and some of you E-Bit-meisters have hit a brick wall at the end of your massively creative attempts to sway voters this way or that.
by Beverly Spicer
Don't Ask
I hate to tell you this, but we're screwed.
by James Colburn
D-Day Revisited, Chapter 6
I consider this to have been the greatest assignment of my career.
by Dick Kraus

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Photokina, Part 1: Photography's Carnival
Photokina brings photography manufacturers, consumers, photography-artists and anyone connected to the business of imaging together.
by Horst Faas
Letter from the Publisher
Welcome to the November 2004 issue of the Digital Journalist, the monthly online magazine for visual journalism.
by Dirck Halstead
Don't Give Up Your Day Job
"My Grandfather's House: The Journey Home" is a film about my partner and co-producer Eileen Douglas' lifelong search for the house her grandfather grew up in Kovno, Lithuania, before coming to America in 1911.
by Ron Steinman
TV News in a Postmodern World: Local TV's New Deadlines
In the mid-70s, a developer in Milwaukee made plans for a downtown hotel and shopping center that would forever alter the skyline and the energy of the city.
by Terry Heaton
Announcing the 2005 Platypus Workshop
February 26-March 6, 2005, Brooks Institute of Photography, Ventura, CA

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