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February 2005, Issue 88  [ RSS ]
February Dispatches: Notes from the Field
Common Cents
I used to think I was a photojournalist. I didn't just work at photojournalism; news photography was wrapped around my very soul.
by Mark Loundy
A Letter from Central America: SOTU VS SOTS
Oh, the differences between Washington and Central America.
by James Colburn
The Ethics of Staging
Stories about how photojournalists craft their work are engaging to anyone who is interested in learning more about the process.
by Karen Slattery and Erik Ugland
Nuts & Bolts
Just about the time this column appears on the Web, the 2005 AIPAD Photography Show will be held in New York.
by Bill Pierce
Vietnam War Correspondents' Reunion Preparations Now Underway
Word has spread that what used to be known as the Saigon Press Corps will descend once more on the former capital of South Vietnam.
by Horst Faas
Fun, Fun, Fun, Shooting In The USA
I've been in New York for 26 years; why I have no idea, but it's the longest I have ever lived anywhere continuously. To live here is to be in close contact on a daily basis with people in varying stages of mental derangement.
by Peter Howe
Taking Care of Business
I don't know whether or not the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson was also a photographer, but he certainly thought like one when he said: "Our business in this world is not to succeed, but to continue to fail, in good spirits."
by Peter Howe
Talent comes in many forms, and this month's E-Bits gives testimony to that fact.
by Beverly Spicer

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Letter from the Publisher
Welcome to the February 2005 issue of the Digital Journalist, the monthly online magazine for visual journalism.
by Dirck Halstead
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Announcing the 2005 Platypus Workshop
February 26-March 6, 2005, Brooks Institute of Photography, Ventura, CA
Twenty-One Minutes - Part 2
Despite wishes, dreams, hopes and predictions, the end of network news as we know it is still far in the future.
by Ron Steinman
TV News in a Postmodern World: Overcoming Formula Addiction
You can find him in every engineering shop, a strange fellow tucked away in some corner who just doesn't seem to click with everybody else.
by Terry Heaton
Assignment Sheet
Journals by Anonymous and Dick Kraus
Missed Communications
How a $150 Radio Shack scanner could have saved hundreds of firefighters' lives on 9/11
by Dirck Halstead

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