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August 2005, Issue 94 [ RSS ]
Notes from the field: London, Gaza and Minneapolis
Time Gone By
Okay, guess which magazine cover this was.
by Peter Howe
Common Cents
I usually write about other people, but this one is from The Loundy Files.
by Mark Loundy
Nuts & Bolts
In the July 24, '05 issue of The New York Times, veteran reporter Gretchen Morgenson has a piece entitled "The School That Skipped Ethics Class."
by Bill Pierce
I am not a pure defender of the craft, or, if you will, the profession of journalism, especially television and in particular the dregs of gossip programming.
by Ron Steinman
Tech Tips
What is the best way to minimize the power consumption with an EOS-1Ds Mark II so I can maximize my shooting time?
by Chuck Westfall
TV News in a Postmodern World Stations Must Embrace Personal Tools
Putting the personal against the professional helps shine a light on one of the great mysteries of our time — why professional media people are so completely ignoring the technologies and concepts that are driving the revolution.
by Terry Heaton
All month long I thought about moments captured by photography and what they might say about reality once we are fully aware of the content.
by Beverly Spicer

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From Golden Handcuffs to Stainless Steel Opportunities
Over the past 10 years I have morphed, in fits and starts, consciously and unconsciously, from a well-paid newsmagazine photographer into a struggling, independent journalistic everyman.
by Brian Palmer
Letter from the Publisher
Welcome to the August issue of The Digital Journalist, the monthly online magazine for visual journalism.
by Dirck Halstead
Camera Corner: Lifeblogging with the Nokia 7610
Self-publish high quality photos and videos straight to the Web from a Nokia 7610 cameraphone.
by Gina Trapani
Digital Editing: It's Time to Tell All
Probably the most robust debate among photojournalists over the past two decades has been over the uses of digital technology and the legitimacy of electronic image manipulation.
by Karen Slattery and Erik Ugland
A Tale of Two Fishermen
A few years ago, I did a story on our own Dick Kraus for News Photographer.
by Tom Hubbard
The Intern
My summer photojournalism internship lasts 13 weeks and is whizzing by, every day.
by Joyce Lin
Atta Boy
We really looked forward to his "Atta Boy's;" especially we newer shooters.
by Dick Kraus
VISA POUR L'IMAGE, the world's largest photo show for photojournalism, will take place in Perpignan, France, starting August 27th
50 Years on the Frontlines
Philip Jones Griffiths' Photographs, September 8 - October 1, 2005, New York, NY

This summer's workshops:

Dirck Halstead will be in residence all summer at The Maine Photographic Workshops, mentoring students in a Photojournalism Summer Residency.

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